6 Kmart Hacks We Love for 2017

Have you been to the new Kmart store at Delacombe Town Center lately? Over the past couple of years, Kmart has certainly upped their game to become the go to place to find stylish bargains.

As people head to the affordable department store in droves, there has become a sizeable movement of people creating Kmart Hacks.

Here are our top 6 Kmart Hacks of 2017.

1. DIY Bento Lunch Box

Source: @reve.ever (Instagram)

This one recently exploded on the internet and it is no surprise why. Such a simple but effective way to DIY a bento style lunch box. Toddlers absolutely love them.

To create all you need is:

  • A $3 rectangular 600ml clip container
  • A giant ice cube tray which is only $1.50

You will have to trim the sides of the ice cube tray a little bit. But it’s a quick job to make an awesome lunch box. With the added bonus of being easy to clean.

2. Baby bath float

Source: New Idea


Another seemingly simple idea that exploded with comments on social media.

Make baby bath times easier by turning a pool noodle and an old pillowcase into a nifty floatation device for your bub.

Of course, you want to stay by your baby’s side as this is not an approved floatation device. But if it can take some of the strain of you holding bub up in the water we are all for it.

Someone even suggested it would make a great alternative to a co-sleeper.

3. The Doona Dress

Source: Kmart Hacks/Natalie Zielke

Now this one takes the cake for the most out of the box idea.

Using two brightly coloured patterned doona’s Natalie Zielke created a unique one-off race dress.

What a creative individual to even come up with this. It wouldn’t even enter our mind to turn bedding into race day chic, but somehow she has pulled it off…. and on more than one occasion we might add!

4. From foldable beach cart to port-a-cot

Source: News

This product was designed as a way to cart around all the items you need to leave the house with kids in tow.

Not just for the beach, lots of people use it to take to the park, camping or even the lake as well.

But one mum decided that it made the perfect port-a-cot for their little one. And we must say bub looks super comfy in there.

5. Step stool turned toddler dining table

Source: Kmart / Kidspot

This $19 step stool is a genius idea to have a ready made toddler table for meals.

Whilst the hack was originally posted by a mum who had the idea, other mums came out stating that it was in fact their toddlers that stumbled upon the idea.

It is the perfect height for little ones so it is no surprise that the little ones are getting creative themselves.

6. A funky bedside table

Source: @love_zace (Instagram)

Who would have thought to turn a gorgeous looking marble and wood hexagon chopping board and a wire storage hamper into a unique bedside table?

All you need to do is spray or paint the wire hamper in the colour of your choice and add the cutting board as a table top.

There you have it… In Ballarat’s top Kmart Hacks of 2017.

Have you been to Kmart lately and have any more of your own to add? We would love to see them… please comment below and/or come and join our Facebook Group and show us what you’ve done with your latest Kmart purchases! 


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