Selling your house? Style is the key!

We are so happy to announce that 3 Pea’s Property Styling has joined us here at In Ballarat! We asked Jo some Q&A style questions about her background, her business, and what she loves most about our town. Read below to see what she had to say and be sure to check out her listing for more details on her business, as well as contact details and social media links.

What did you do before starting your current business?

I am a CPA qualified accountant and I worked in Senior Management in the Not-For-Profit Sector. I also have extensive experience in project management and in renovating & developing residential property.

When did you start your business? How did it come about?

3 Pea’s Property Styling was established in 2014 when I recognised that homeowners outside the metropolitan area often did not have access to professional services that could assist them in preparing and presenting their homes for sale and so, I embarked on a journey to extend the offering of property styling services beyond the metropolitan area.

Initially offering only furniture hire and styling services, it soon became apparent that broader services were sought by clients. As a result, 3 Pea’s Property Styling has since expanded to include services to assist clients to prepare for sale (such as property & garden maintenance, decluttering & cleaning) and project management services for those who do not live locally or who lack the time to oversee preparation works themselves.

We also now provide an advisory service, outlining customised, prioritised works for those wishing to prepare their property for sale themselves.

Describe your business

3 Pea’s Property Styling is Ballarat’s leading home staging business.

We have a history of achieving proven results. We draw on our extensive experience in the Ballarat real estate market, and our background in accounting, renovating and developing, to advise our clients on how to prepare to attain great results in the sale of their property.

In addition to our consulting service, we provide a range of services including residential furniture hire, decluttering, property maintenance and agile project management services.

Our objective is to lead property buyers to see the possibilities.

What have been the highlights of your time in the business?

We have been incredibly lucky to have met some wonderful people and achieve some fantastic results for our clients.

The process of selling a property can be difficult for a variety of reasons such as due to a lack of available time, to the owner being located away from town or due to the owners emotional connection to or history with the property. To know that you have assisted someone through a difficult process and made a difference on a personal level is very rewarding.

Residential property is often an individuals most valuable investment or asset. As a result, we are fully committed to assisting our clients to achieve the best possible sales price. There have been several instances where we have assisted our clients to achieve sales prices that were $10’s of thousands above the expected price and those instances have definitely been a highlight.

Have you won any awards?

In 2016, 3 Pea’s Property Styling was awarded a ‘Service’ award by

3 Pea’s has also been the subject of several project profile articles in the media, most notably in Your Investment Property Magazine, which is Australia’s Leading Investment Property Magazine.

In addition to publishing our own Blog (on the 3 Pea’s website), we have also been featured as a contributing author or a guest expert in various media, including, The New Daily,,, and Fairfax Regional Media.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself, your team or your business?

We are not a ‘one size fits all’ operation.

We recognize that each client, property and sales situation is different and as a result, provide a comprehensive yet customised service to address each clients individual needs.

What do you love about Ballarat?

I love everything about Ballarat (even the cold weather, but not so much the rain!).

I think we are so lucky to live in such a wonderful, vibrant city. We have all of the practical amenities that you could hope for; terrific hospitals, medical services and schools, complemented by fantastic sporting facilities and a fantastic arts community.

With all that, plus we’re only a stones throw from the city and beaches… what more could you ask for? Ballarat truly is the best of all worlds.


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